Kids Zone at Chapters – St. John’s (No Cost or Low Cost)

Chapters - Kids Zone

The Kid’s Zone at Chapters is every caffeine-addicted St. John’s area parent’s secret weapon. Rainy Day? Snow? Can’t play outside? Don’t have the energy to chase your kids through the playground and desperately want a coffee or small treat?

Chapters St. John’s with its attached Starbucks café and Kids Zone (known to kids as “the blue carpet) is your best friend.

Pick up a coffee or special treat for yourself. They’ve got kid drinks too: juice boxes and kid’s hot chocolate, which is smaller and cooler than the adult’s. In fact, they’ll make anything non-caffeinated specifically for kids. Ice water is always free and your kids will love lining up to ask for it.

Then head back to the blue carpet or Kids area. With the plethora of mostly educational toys, great books to browse and the city’s most popular train table your kids might actually let you drink your coffee in peace.

Chapters - Kaleidoscope

My daughter looking through a kaleidoscope, through a kaleidoscope (mind blowing!)

In addition to the train table, there’s always a kitchen or food prep center of some sort and the chairs are placed conveniently in this area so you can sit and observe your kids. There are also plasma cars for the kids to bang your ankles with and a huge selection of manipulatives such as plastic farm animals and Folkmanis puppets. My youngsters love staging puppet shows or pretending they’re toy cranes and reaching in to the large bins of toys and stuffed animals.

They often have special craft and learning activities planned as well and almost always have colouring sheets available upon request.

The trip doesn’t need to cost you a thing. You don’t actually HAVE to buy a coffee or anything for them, but if you do, I suggest you pick up a Starbucks reloadable card so you can earn from your purchase -each purchase earns you a star and points towards free beverages, upgrades and special deals (also, the card is a good way to budget your Starbucks expenditures).

If you’re going to purchase toys or books, get yourself a free plum card as well. Just from last year’s Christmas shopping, some birthdays and odd purchases this year I’ve already earned over $300 worth of points for Christmas this year! It’s not difficult, with their selection of small toys and bargain books to find something for under $5. They also have free gift wrapping.

Chapters -Train Table

And a SUPER special shout out to the staff. They’re amazingly patient with the hordes of screaming children who descend on them and always engage with the kids plus do know, jobs. A request from a parent who enjoys visiting and chatting with the staff as well? Please do clean up after your children, and encourage them to treat the toys they’re allowed to play with respectfully.


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